It’s not fair

Scarlett Johansson crashed her car trying to run away from the paparazzi near Disneyland.

But they left out the best part of the story! They don’t mention if she went to Disneyland or if she was just ‘near’ it or something. That makes me so mad.

If I was a big movie star, I would go to Disneyland. I would make them escort me around the park so nobody would bother me and I could cut in line. Then I would go to the 33 club, which is a secret restaurant only members can go to, but since I’m so rich and famous, they’d let me in anyway. It’s the only place in the park you can get alcohol! Then I would have a clam chowder bread bowl. Then I would go to Tom Sawyer’s Island and climb up in the fort and rock back and forth crying because I would never be able to regain the childhood I lost as a young actor in Hollywood.



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