Gone away

You know that song, “Gone Away”, by the offspring? I want to make a music video for it. There might already be one, I don’t know, but I think there should be a new one. I’d like to see one where this guy is all emotional because his friend has died and then you reveal that he’s mourning the death of abraham lincoln. and this is like in present times. so this kid is really upset about abraham lincoln dying. I don’t know if he just found out or what. maybe he knew but it had kinda faded from his memory and then he saw someone wearing a stovepipe hat and it reminded him and then he got all sad. I mean this kid is really bummed out, crying and tearing at his hair and whatnot. he’s not just like “oh darn, the great emancipator has passed on”, he’s acting like it’s his best friend. but maybe that’s just me.



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