Look at me, I’m Toby Keith

Actually, I don’t think he wrote that “where were you?” song about 9/11, but who cares. According to this article, 3 hollywood studios are putting out 9/11-themed movies, one to be directed by oliver stone and starring nicolas cage!!!

I remember when I watched the smoking towers on the news, one of my first thoughts was “they’ll never show that episode of the simpsons where homer’s car gets a boot at the world trade center again”. I’m not proud of that, but I’m not really ashamed of it either. And to my knowledge, they haven’t ever shown it since, but I could be wrong.

The next day when I went in to work at my job on “popstars”, I asked my boss, “so I guess they’ll cancel the show huh?” I couldn’t fathom anybody pursuing such a trivial and ridiculous venture during such an important and significant time. I guess I tend to get a little dramatic.

The way I figure, it took about 3 months for people to pretty much forget all about 9/11. Not literally, of course, but to get from the place where everyone was walking around looking over their shoulders for terrorists saying things like “Things will never be the same.”

Oh sure, every once in a while something would happen to remind us: bomb scares, controversial rappers or talk show hosts, the war in afghanistan. But things are pretty much back to normal. I think these 9/11 movies are proof. The article says it’s our way of dealing. It seems to me like it’s our way of fictionalizing things. Which is, of course, a way of dealing. Or not dealing. I think if you look around at the world, it’s clearly the latter.

On a side note, one of the movies is about flight 93, the one that crashed in pennsylvania after the passengers and crew stormed the cockpit. This is not the oliver stone/nic cage one. Oddly enough, they say it’s gonna be at least semi-improvised, as if to say there’s no writer who would want to presume he’s deep enough to guess what was said that day. Like nobody would want to guess what Jesus was thinking up on the cross. Well somebody’s eventually gotta say it, right?

Remember how when it happened, everyone said, “It looked like something out of a movie?” Well, now I’m just wondering, what are they going to say about the movie?



  1. “Where Were You” was sung by Alan Jackson.

    I was seemingly changed after that incident, or so I thought at the time. You’re right though. As much as we say we won’t forget, time marches on and we go on with our lives. Four years later here we are and Bin Laden still is yet to be found, yet our men are dying in this war everyday. Sometimes I’d rather watch old Simpsons reruns than face the reality of the real world.

  2. You visited my blog, I decided to do the same. Though I can boast about having a kick ass Honda. You’ll just have to forgive me on that one.
    These days 9/11 is more of an excuse than anything else. It’s used as a guilt trip, not really a lesson learned. It’s unfortunate that so many people died for no real reason at all.

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