Oh no, Fox bought myspace (repost)

I wrote this on myspace, if you’re on myspace but missed it, you might enjoy it. if not, go to hell.

Oh no, Fox bought myspace
Everybody panic. Better yet, send out a hundred bulletins that everybody should go somewhere else like YOU did with friendster. Because I know you were one of them.
You see those ads everywhere? This thing costs money. So somebody out there thinks it can make money. So they’re going to try and do it. It’s not charity.
You wanna sit here and spill your guts to ‘the world’ about what a crazy drunken bisexual casual drug addict you are. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fine with me. But don’t cry because you really don’t want ‘the whole world’ knowing. Oh sure, as long as it’s other tattooed hipsters, everything’s cool, but Fox owns Fox News, the cable newstation your parents watch. And what if they decide to do a news story about out-of-control twenty-somethings? Mommy and daddy might find out about the threeway you had with those black guys in Vegas and take away your $2300/month apartment.
Cuz c’mon, that’s what this is all really about.


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