“Real Genius”? More like “Stupid Jerk Movie”

You know at the end of “Real Genius” when the plane blows up the giant jiffy pop thing and the popcorn blows up the house? Well forget the fact that the laser beam moves in a straight line and then stops even though the plane is going like a thousand miles an hour. I know what you’re thinking, “but what about the tracking system?” You’re just being naive. All that could do was direct the beam at a single point, it would still be moving or “pivoting”. The ONLY way it could happen like that would be if the plane was flying straight at the house which it wasn’t according to the “live video feed from the plane” (which also looked fake) and even then it would only be for like a second. No, that’s not my point. My point is if they really did that, that guy Kent would totally be dead. In the movie he’s all jumping around and having a good time but in real life that popcorn would be fucking hot. It would burn the shit out of him. And there would be unpopped kernels too that would be flying everywhere. His clothes would probably catch on fire. Plus, even if he didn’t burn to death, he would probably choke. He wouldn’t be able to “swim” out of there like he did. When I was a kid, my friend’s mom tried to scare us by saying a kid had died by trying to hide in a bean bag chair. All the little styrofoam things got in his mouth and his nose and he suffocated. So that’s what would happen to Kent. He wouldn’t be able to breathe and if he came out of the house at all, he would be a corpse. So that movie is unrealistic.
Plus that kid Mitch looks like Blossom.


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