You know what smells bad? Poop.

That’s a joke I told one of the two times I did standup. It was great. The next time I do standup, I’m gonna go “high concept” and weave stories through a tapestry of words. The story will be based around a young man named Tucker McGrath who has to cope with the legacy of abuse he experienced growing up in destructive foster households. Tucker finds an outlet for his pain through the art of ventriloquism, eventually reaching rock star levels of popularity with his act. He moves to Gumdrop City where he invents rainbows but it all comes crashing down when his cowboy hat eats his dog. Seemingly unable to fall any farther, Tucker finds the light inside of all of us and realizes that material goods aren’t the answer to life’s problems. Poor but happy, Tucker faces his demons, punches a girl scout in the throat and wins back his high school sweatheart.


One comment

  1. i punched a girl scout once. wait, does punch mean brutally murder with my bare hands? yeah, that’s what i did. i guess ‘punch’ wasn’t the right word. nevermind.

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