the other me

check this out, I taught a class on dog care at the mulgrew school! what’s the mulgrew school? I don’t know but it’s in oregon. I’m down towards the bottom, on the right. You might be wondering why I’m losing my hair, wear glasses and have a thin moustache. the answer is, I don’t know.

also, if you go here, you can see me again, playing some sort of online game or something. it’s just a list of the results. is this the eric filipkowski who teaches dog care? I don’t know! is he/am I some sort of nerd? it doesn’t look good.

I can look at this one of two ways: a.) my name is somehow psychicly attached to geekdom and I should embrace its logical inevability in my own life or 2.) my ‘name’ is merely a subset of all the people out there and as such, I rule the subset with my superior non-geekdom. losing my hair? negative. glasses? negative. thin moustache? negative. play online strategy games? that’s a big negative.

Weird huh? I always thought I (my name at least) was fairly original. Well I better register with SAG before these guys do. I don’t want to have to be Eric M. Filipkowski or Trevor McGrath or Chad Robuckle.


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