I went to the ocean!!!

Yes, it’s true. Yesterday I took some dramamine, took my compazine and tussin caplets like any other normal person would do before going to the beach and I jumped in the jeep with my family and we went to our friends’ house. This house is right on the beach. Probably fifty feet from the waves. It just got assessed for 1.3 million dollars. Sounds nice huh? Well maybe not as nice as you think. It doesn’t have running fresh water. That’s right, all the sinks and tub and shower run salt water. I guess a million three doesn’t buy what it used to.
Now, because it’s so close to the water, the air is saturated with salt water. The humidity level is ridiculous. This gets inside and rusts anything metal. Bad for houses. Good for Eric.
Specifically my voice. I noticed this last week when I went on the boat. I came home and suddenly it sounded like I was going through puberty. My voice was cracking like Peter Brady. All the moisture does something to my vocal chords. So this morning, I get up, same thing: my voice is probably 20% better. A definite and noticable change. I don’t know if it’s good enough for me to be yapping on the phone all day, mostly because I hate talking on the phone and am gonna push this excuse as long as I can. So suck it. But hopefully I will be able to return to Los Angeles soon ans resume kicking ass. And by kicking ass, I mean “crying myself to sleep each night, alone and disillusioned”.


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