World War III

Uh oh, tensions are rising in one of the world’s troubled areas. North Korea? Iraq? Syria? Africa?



OTTAWA, Ontario (Reuters) — A spat between Canada and Denmark over a tiny Arctic island has moved to the Internet, where a Canadian man is dueling an unknown opponent over who really owns the disputed lump of rock.

First of all this is Canada versus Denmark. Second of all, it’s on the internet, the home of the weak and puny. And D.) there’s a guy named “Reynald Doiron”. That’s just wrong. Here he speaks about efforts to ease tensions:

“Notwithstanding the disputed area, the Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry is allowing its cafeteria to sell Danish pastries as a goodwill gesture towards the Danish government and people,” ministry spokesman Reynald Doiron said.

Here’s to hoping both sides can reach a peaceful resolution.

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