the worst thing ever

My friend bordo pointed this out to me about a week ago.

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Standing so he could be seen from the witness stand, a youth baseball player calmly told a courtroom how he beaned a mentally disabled teammate with a ball during warm-ups to knock the boy out of the game.

Eight-year-old Keith Reese said that he hit teammate Harry Bowers because his coach offered him $25 to do so.

That’s right, a T-BALL COACH offered one of his 8 YEAR OLD PLAYERS twenty five bucks to bean a retarded kid in the head so he wouldn’t be able to play in the playoffs. Keith Reese, who was one of the better players apparently wasn’t that good cuz it took him three tries to get it right. First he hit the kid in the nuts, then in the head, then in the head again, just for good measure.

If not for the fact that there are like twenty “best parts” to this story, I would say this is the best part: The coach wouldn’t pay up after the kid did it! He stiffed him out of his twenty five bucks, which I have a feeling is the only reason this story came to light in the first place. Back when I was 8, twenty five bucks was like getting a pile of gold. Maybe times have changed.

Best part number 17?

Downs (the coach) is not suspended and remains a coach in the league.

And why not, right? He never actually paid the kid for anything. 8 year olds should be responsible for their own actions. My only regret is that this didn’t happen in Texas where both the kid who threw the ball AND the retarded fella would be up for the death penalty.


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