Good luck space shuttle

They’re about to re-launch the space shuttle for the first time in a few years. I hope it doesn’t blow up. When the last one blew up, my roommate burst into my room crying, “they did it again! they did it again!” Apparently it was her opinion that the terrorists were responsible for the explosion. Well, call it a sign of the times.
This time they seem a little desperate. They have to launch this thing for some reason. I guess it’s public relations. But they’re breaking their own rules to get it up in the air. They’ve said they’ll go ahead with the launch even if the fuel sensor malfunctions again.
I remember when the Challenger blew up. The amazing thing was, the very next day, this kid in my class had the whole set of space shuttle jokes already. Need Another Seven Astronauts. “They found her head & shoulders all over the beach”. And who could forget “What’s this button do?” How did he do that? There was no internet back then but somehow this kid had tapped the joke pipeline in under 24 hours.
Actually, the first thing this douchebag said to me was “Way to go, Eric, you blew up the space shuttle.” To which I replied, “yeah, you’re right, I blew it up”. Then everyone went nuts because I had ‘admitted’ it. Because 10 year olds aren’t good with sarcasm. Unless they’re a future comedic genius. Idiots.
I’ve actually been to space. Sorta. I went on Mission: Space at Epcot. Like six times too. it’s an amazing ride. I can probably never go on it again, it’s a little too intense. My mom thinks it’s why I had my surgery but I doubt that. But that kid did die. But not me, suckas!
So in summation, I want to say good luck to the brave astronauts on their pointless and expensive mission.


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