Let me smell your blog

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. It makes me jealous that my blog sucks. Everyone is so interesting and they write about their feelings and how stuff happens in their lives. Boy, those were the days! My blog would go like this “so, I got up at noon, took a shower, ate some oatmeal. Then I went to bed.” So ‘talking about how stuff happens’ is out. My feelings? Nobody wants to go there. So I’ve decided I’ll just make stuff up.
Me and Chad Robuckle were watching Team America. Man, I forgot how funny that movie is. Chad was all “dude, we should do some heroin” and I was all “no way dude!” But you know how Chad gets! Hehehe he hehe.
Ok, so that doesn’t work either. But I did watch Team America. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months but this is the first time I’ve seen it since I saw it in the theaters. I’ve noticed that a lot of movies get better the more times you watch them. hence, I’ve seen a bunch of movies like 100 times each. Does that make me crazy? Boring? Shut up, Chad Robuckle thinks you suck!

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