a few things

what’s up? some news:
this week, I was briefly in the hospital. I had a temperature and they wanted to make sure it wasn’t pneumonia. it turned out to be nothing.
second, my phone doesn’t work real well. the screen cracked and now I can’t see it at all, it has a weird psychedelic sunburst on it that won’t go away. so basically, I use my phone even less than before. my voice is still weak and sometimes when I talk too much, it makes me gag. so no, I’m not going to talk to you on the phone, most likely.
other than that, I’m getting better. still going slow but you know how it is. then again, maybe you don’t.
rhode island is cold. I haven’t puked in a few days, so that’s good. what’s new with you?
oh, also, my eric@hollywoodphony.com address isn’t working, as you may know. so if you want, send me an email at efilipkowski@yahoo.com. or msg me at p1mpb0t@aol.com. that’s p(one)mpb(zero)t. got it? good!
take care,


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