*quotes mean friendster made me censor myself*
I just want to say that I am really sorry to everyone. I have let you down by letting myself down. I know some of you will be mad I’m even thinking this, but I am not the kind of person who should let a minor setback like this destroy who I am. it won’t. I am a rock star. that’s why you all love me. for “hecks” sake, I got 27 pints of blood out of you people, easily a thousand bucks in flowers and tons of gifts, moral support and unconditional love. the LEAST i can do is get better and stop feeling sorry for myself. I’m not saying this doesn’t stink, it obviously does. but I’m not helping stuff by sitting around in bed wishing I was better. please, come visit me. if I’m asleep, wake my “butt” up. make me get up and go for a walk. if it’s really beyond my means, my doctors will step in, so don’t worry about me. I owe every single one of you so much and I will definitely be forthcoming in much payback when I am better unless you’re the type who is like “Just seeing you healthy is all the gratitude I want” in which case, you’re a sucker. I have been given a huge second (fourth?) chance and I should be running down the streets saying “hello movie house!” and then rounding everyone up and beating up mr. potter. that’s me, not the whiny “female dog” who sits in his room complaining that his back hurts and his medicine makes him throw up and his “body part” has retreated inside his stomach from neglect. too much info? oh well, I just had heart surgery, give me a break. what did you ever do? I am going to close with some stats:
my cell phone:818 445.6085
my room: 6007
visiting hours: all day, if you come late, say you’re on my list of late night family members, if they give you a hard time, have them call my room or my nurse. I will probably be out no earlier than monday, the fourth and no later than wednesday, the sixth.
things you can get me: since a lot of people have been asking me: donate blood, give money to animal shelters, (which explains what I have and how you can help) or the american heart association. if you insist on getting me something material, I have a froogle wish list: but stick with cheap stuff, no pizza ovens. also, if you want to buy yourself an annual pass when I get mine for disneyland and you promise to go with me, that would be cool. I probably can’t go for a few months though. promises that we will go out to eat once I can keep food down are golden in my book, too. my treat. thank you again, everyone. don’t feel like I’m saying I’ve let you down, because my point is that I’ve let myself down. I can feel like “dog stuff”, I’m entitled, but that won’t help me get better. which is what I owe myself and you. ok, last stupid email, I swear. love, eric


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  1. Why are you trying to make me cry, all the way in Scotland? I will come see you in June when I am in L.A. But I can’t donate blood, cus I’ll faint. And this better not be some super-elaborate hoax to get people to click on your ads…

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