ok, I’m not dead

so in case you haven’t heard, I went in for some surgery, about 2 weeks ago. I’m ok, but things were rough for a while. I will be ‘updating’ that statement very soon, but it’s late and I’m tired.
me sleep now.
on the mend.
thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and support.
come visit me. I’m not supposed to talk on the phone for the next few days, but you can regail me with tales of how much you’ve missed me and you can show me your boobs.
I’ve had two takers, so far.
one of whom was a girl!
I am writing a movie about this, so now is your chance to get in.



  1. oh, you were really sick? Whoops, I just thought you didn’t call cause of the gonorrhea I gave you. Who looks like the silly one now? Me, I guess/

  2. Joe and EJ have been doing great at keeping us up on how you are doing. Glad you getting well. Girls, come on.. If a simple boob shot will make the boy feel better than pony up. Do it for the greater good.


  3. joe: what shoes of mine do you have? this is puzzling to me. alan: good to hear from you, these broads could learn a lesson from your progressive attitude.
    girls: I’m not looking for you to PLAY me in the movie, I’m looking for you to DO me. this was clearly an invitation to ‘audition’ for the part of my love interest, unless of course you are currently going out with a friend of mine who could easily kick my ass even if I had like 12 monkey hearts. which I’m working on, btw.
    but seriously, thanks for all your continued support. I can’t really talk too well right now but I’m always up for visitors. room 6007, cedars sinai.
    I’ll probably be here til next week.

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