Quatah Poundah

You know how when you call for tech support for your computer, it actually goes to some person in India or something? No? Well it does, so shut up. And now they’re doing it for drive-thru orders at McDonald’s!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – McDonald’s Corp. wants to outsource your neighborhood drive-through. The world’s largest fast-food chain said on Thursday it is looking into using remote call centers to take customer orders in an effort to improve service at its drive-throughs.

Pretty crazy, huh? They say the calls won’t be going to India, more likely just to somewhere else in the U.S. but as for me, I’m gonna start eating at Burger King if they get a bunch of Canadians to do it. Or Rhode Islanders. Image a Boston accent mixed with a Long Island accent mixed with brain damage from huffing paint fumes and you have ‘the Rhode Island accent’. Not really an appetizing way to start your lunch hour.


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