I’m back!

I’m back. I’ve actually been back for a few days but haven’t written due to exhaustion and laziness.

New York was a blast. We got in monday night, went out to dinner and then tried in vain to get drunk but everyone was too tired so we all went to bed. The next morning it was off to the UCB theater for a tech rehearsal. Everyone there was really nice (and unlike some places: helpful) and seemed excited that we were doing the show. Then we were off for a few hours, my friend some girl took some pictures of us in places like radio city music hall, rockefeller center and times square.
When we came back to the theater, there was a class that was finishing up and one of the girls in the class walked by and said “That’s Eric Filipkowski!” My penis began mentally preparing for the long night ahead. We did another tech and this time katie took some pictures of us pretending the show was going on. The people started to arrive and we chilled out backstage. Amy Poehler came and wished us well, she was super fucking nice. That was awesome. Then we did the show.
I had heard that new york audiences are different, that they can be a little jaded. Howard Kremer was opening up for us and he did the exact same routine he had done in LA. In LA it fucking killed but during his set in new york he had to stop and ask the audience if they were awake. We all started shitting our pants and my penis went back into its 29 year hibernation. Luckily, howard is a pro and eventually won the audience over. So we knew it could be done but we knew it would be hard.
We came out and did our show and all in all, things went really well. It definitely wasn’t the response we were used to but people genuinely seemed to dig it. By the end of the show, most everyone was along for the ride and we took our bow. After the show we hung out and stressed a little about how it went, but everyone seemed to have positive things to say. I got to see my friends slappy and john marhsall. I hadn’t seen slappy in probably six years, so that was good. I also met my cousin (twice removed?), Ian. He seemed like a good guy, that was nice of him to come out and see it.
After that, we went to see howard kremer do a hilarious set at a club. I’m not sure where it is, but it was near CBGB. Then we all got something to eat and started drinking. We went to a place called McSorley’s where this old irish guy yells at you if you don’t drink enough. By all counts, we had something like 100 beers. Then we went to this other place that had free hotdogs. Then we got in a snowball/garbage fight and took off our shirts in time square for some more pictures. Then I drank half a gallon of water and fell asleep. In the morning we took cabs to the airport and flew home. I didn’t get my emergency exit row seat, but I had a whole row to myself so I managed to survive.
It was a pretty awesome experience but now it’s back to real life and crawling around on the ground fixing peoples’ computers. We should have the pictures up, as well as a brand new (and not lame) animals from the future website.


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