I hear Turkish Prisons get a bad rap too

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Deprived of their flat-screen TVs, mobile phones, pizza deliveries and long visits from lovers, inmates at Mexico’s top security prison complained on Monday they are being treated “like dogs.”

God, I am so sick of people just assuming that dogs don’t like pizza. That said, I guess I had the wrong idea of what went on in most Mexican prisons. I always heard they were places to avoid, like Neverland Ranch, the Gaza Strip or the dentist.

On Monday, they paid for a full-page advertisement in Mexico’s top daily Reforma and called on President Vicente Fox (newsweb sites) to respect their human rights.

A full page advertisement? Even with the currency exchange, that’s still a lot of dough. No wonder Mexico’s license plate production industry is experiencing such stagnant growth!

They also want the right to buy the soft drinks of their choice from the jail’s small store.

Well, that’s fair. Nobody likes R.C. Cola.


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