Barbie pleads for safe return of loved one

Did you see this crap? Apparently, an Islamist web site claimed that a US soldier had been taken hostage and posted a picture on the internet to prove it. Not so unusual, right? Except that the Army claims no such soldier exists and that the picture appears to be nothing more than an action figure called “Special Ops Cody”, posed with a plastic gun pointed at its head. This got me thinking, if you’ve ever seen “plushie” websites, you’ll probably agree that it’s not too hard to imagine this sort of picture being considered erotic to some fringe members of society. Radical Islamist Fundamentalists helping sickos jerk off, you’ve gotta like that.
Not only is this pathetic and hilarious, it sends a message to all my enemies that evil people don’t always need to be taken seriously. What do I mean? Well let me go off on a tangent and say that I’m really sick of people trying to tell me that horrible things shouldn’t be joked about. Specifically people who say you can’t make jokes about Hitler or Nazis. Yes, in some way, this lessens the impact of the horrible things they did, etc., etc. But look, I’m not Prince Harry here, I don’t say things just to be a dick or because I’m rich and my grandmother runs England and whatnot. I think that if you study the psyche of those who are ‘evil’, you will see that one key thing they strive for is to be taken seriously. The Nazis, in particular, thought of themselves as possessing a heroic strength of will to be able to perpetrate something like the holocaust while remaining decent men. Obviously they weren’t decent men, at all, but my point is that you are validating men of evil by taking them so seriously. They want their place in history. If you portray them as bumbling morons, you deny them that, for both good and bad. The Nazis killed six million Jews. But their reasons for doing this were based on prejudice, ignorance and scientific misconceptions. That is stupid. You can’t deny that side of things. I’m sorry, you can’t.
So yes, many people have been killed by these radical Islamic fundamentalists. There has been much media coverage of the brutal, televised murders at the hands of these people. But taking a picture of a doll and expecting to pass it off as a real person? That’s just stupid. And funny. So I’m going to laugh at it.


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