See, we’re not so different, after all

So apparently there has been a rash of coach-chokings during children’s hockey games in Canada. I suspect that this can be blamed on the influx of disenfranchised Americans fleeing George Bush’s America, but I’m not sure. When I visited Disney World earlier this month, my father, a Fox News devotee, had to be co-erced into watching the Circlevision movie at the Canada Pavilion in Epcot. He wouldn’t go anywhere near France. Anyways, it all seems so silly to me. Candians aren’t so different from us. We’re all (North) Americans. So they didn’t want to go to Iraq, with all we know now, can you blame them? That’s one thing that bothers me about the ideologs: their inability to forgive (forget apologize) in the face of the overwhelming evidence that they were wrong. Is it that some people really think that Canada should have our back no matter what? Is it a “never take sides against the family” type of thing? One thing is certain: my dad needs to lighten up. I’m going off on a tangent. I think this demonstrates the real difference between us and them:

“The father appeared in court on Monday on a charge of choking. Newspaper reports said the coach finished the game after the incident and did not appear to have sustained serious injuries.”

No American would let some guy choke him and then not sue and milk the injury for all it was worth. And this part I just love on its own:

The mother of an 11-year-old was banned from Toronto-area arenas in 2004 after exposing her bra and shaking her breasts in an apparent attempt to intimidate the opposing team.”

I could make some joke here about the temperature level of an ice rink, etc. etc., but I think we’re all above that, as Americans.

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