I’ll put YOU in a corner

Hey, is it just me, or does Patrick Swayze totally co-opt that old dude’s big moment at the end of Dirty Dancing? It really bothers me, because the guy who runs the resort is getting all sentimental and whatnot about how the Jewish kids want to go to Europe these days and then suddenly this greaseball shows up and puts the whole thing on pause while he does his little dance routine. Am I the only one who was really touched by that “Join hands and hearts and voices” song? Look, if you want to go and tell off Jerry Orbach, that’s fine, but do it on your own time. It’s just not cool to barge in and ruin someone else’s moment like that just because you want to bang some girl with a big nose.


  1. Wow, Eric, bet you feel pretty bad about this post now, huh? Here you were bashing Patrick Swayze three years ago, and now he’s a national hero because he’s got cancer. Seriously, there’s nothing more patriotically heroic than dying of cancer, except maybe dying in a terrorist attack.

    You might want to consider deleting this blasphemous attack on a true American hero. If not, maybe you should move to France with all the other Swayze haters, Pierre!

    P.S. Nice beret, Onion Johnny!

  2. I’m sorry, Eric. I shouldn’t have called you “Onion Johnny.” That was wrong.

    Kind of like in that classic 1985 film Enemy Mine, starring Dennis Quaid (the poor man’s Patrick Swayze) and Lou Gossett, Jr. (the rich man’s Lou Gossett Sr.), when Gossett’s character Jerry insults Willis Davidge by saying “Earthman, your Mickey Mouse is one big stupid dope!” Jerry later regrets this and apolgizes quite sincerely, believing that he has insulted Davidge’s god.

    Then Lou Gossett Jr. gets pregnant and has a baby. So you see the relevance here.

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