hooray for presents

So it’s a week before christmas. Went to a few christmas parties last night. Got a little too drunk at the work one so I went over to the improv olympic one after that. That’s always a blast. If I act like an ass, nobody cares. So that’s a plus. I leave for ‘home’ tomorrow night. I prefer the red eye, actually. It’s less crowded, less of a hassle. I can’t really sleep on a plane but it’s nice to sit in the dark under a blanket, put the seat back (hopefully I can get a reclining emergency exit row seat) and just space out. I still haven’t gotten the results of my cat scan and stress test, so that’s been weighing over me pretty heavily. It’s kind of overwhelming right now, between the holidays, breaking up wtih danielle and the lack of activity in my career. I have to look at this as a transition period that I will get through eventually. It’ll be good to get away to florida for a few weeks. I’ll be able to think things over, but hopefully not too much. Pickles might join me at disneyworld, we’ll see. that would be cool. anyway, I hope everyone’s having a happy holiday and I’m sure I’ll be checking in here while I’m away. I love you all.


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