I just got back from a memorial service at improv olympic for a guy named matt carey who died last week. to be honest, I didn’t even know matt, but it’s a pretty tight community there so I thought I would go and pay my respects. it was really nice, I’m glad I went. I mean, it’s basically a tragedy. a guy that young just dying out of the blue. with a wife. but here was this theater full of people. packed. probably 200 people. so many they were out in the lobby watching everything on a tv. and everyone was laughing. they read sketches, jokes, showed some videos. people shared their memories. they read emails from people all over the country who knew this guy. he was obviously very talented and these people really seemed to be touched by knowing him. this is one of his jokes that someone read:

What tastes really bad right after you brush your teeth in the morning?

I feel really bad that I never got to know matt carey. when comedy comes out of love and joy towards life, people can’t help but respond to it.


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