Is it just me?

National Treasure is again the number one rated movie in America? Really?
Now, I hate when people trash a movie they haven’t even seen, but that said, I’m going to trash a movie I haven’t even seen. My reason is simple: I really don’t think Nicolas Cage needs this kind of encouragement. It’s bad enough that he keeps getting work after putting out crappy movie after crappy movie, but now that he’s had something that could be considered a ‘hit’, it’s only going to get worse.
On it’s own, it’s a huge waste of money when a movie studio puts out a bad movie. What did this thing cost? I don’t know, but easily over 100 million dollars. Think about it. How many starving Chinese kids could you feed with that much money? OK, so you don’t like Chinese kids, you could still feed some African kids or even kids in this country. Or maybe you could use the money to pay down the debt, or buy some missles or whatever. The point is, it’s a lot of money to go towards something awful. I would prefer that the money be spent on anthrax. I mean that.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no communist. You can spend a ton of dough on a movie and if it comes out looking like the Lord of the Rings or even Sp;iderman 2, that’s money well spent. But if you’re shelling out that kind of dough for the kind of crap that makes people in other countries hate us, then you are, yourself, a bad person. And don’t try and tell me that at any point would a rational person ever say “hmm, big budget holiday blockbuster starring Nicolas Cage where he goes on a treasure hunt using the dollar bill as a map… sounds good!” The people who made this movie knew it would suck. They were lazy and they took a gamble and put their faith in the Hollywood hype machine and they managed to win this time.
Now the real crime in all of this is that by going to see this movie, the public is sending a message that they want more crap like this. More Nicolas Cage action movies. But that’s a free market economy, right? Give the people what they want. But is this what they want? Or is it what they’ll take? And is that enough, to play to the lowest common denominator like this? Look, I’m not going to deny that I’m the real victim here, but I’m not the only one. What about those Chinese kids? Imagine if you not only had to watch “National Treasure” you had to watch a shaky, handheld camcorder, pirated-version, black market copy of “National Treasure”. And plus you’re starving. Well, maybe Mr. Nicolas Cage is OK with that, sitting in his Hollywood mansion, eating crepes and butter pecan cookies, but frankly it makes me sick.


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