I love the McRib!!!

Seriously. I don’t understand why they don’t have it on the menu all the time. When it comes back, no less than five of my friends will call me to give me a heads-up, my pro-McRib views are that well known. It’s all the best part of eating ribs – the meat, the sauce, the bun, without any of the bad stuff – bones, pickles and onions! Plus it’s processed! I can’t even begin to fathom the so-called criticisms against this culinary delight. I’ve heard many people complain that they don’t like how the patty is molded to look like a rack of ribs, with little bumps where there would normally be bones. If you don’t take the bun off, you won’t see that anyway so shut up. But you should take off the bun and have a look before digging in, it’s a beautiful sight. Personally, I like to take the bun off and then just lick my sandwich a few times before eating it. It’s that good.
One thing I wonder about, I remember a few years ago it was “The McRib – featuring Bullseye BBQ sauce!” and then suddenly it wasn’t. Yet it tasted the same. Now this could mean two things. Either, the McRib has always had Bullseye BBQ sauce and they just decided to advertise it for that short time or perhaps the McRib never had Bullseye BBQ sauce at all and it was just a big scam. But that unpleasant controversy aside, the McRib is awesome. It really doesn’t matter to me what kind of BBQ sauce it has, because it is delicious. Plus it’s only 2 bucks! Alot of the time I will go and just buy three or four of those instead of getting the value meal. Don’t get me wrong, fries are fine, but I’d rather not waste the space in my stomach if I could instead pack it full of McRibs. Which is analogous to how I feel about working. You’ve got a limited amount of time on earth, why waste it at work? But that’s beside the point. Go eat a McRib and think of me and if you’re a vegetarian give me some money and I’ll eat a few for you.



  1. Sometimes I like to break um my McRib diet with an Arby-Q. I wish they would make one and press the meat into the shape of skrimps. I like skrimps.

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