why is it so funny when little kids get hurt? beats me. so I’m reading this great book about improv by mick napier, it’s called “Improvise – Scene From the Inside Out“. I’ve been having some trouble improvising on stage lately and this has really helped me re-examine my whole approach. Basically the book says that not only are the ‘rules’ to improv bullshit, they actually hinder your development as an improviser. It’s pretty radical stuff and if you don’t give a shit about improv, you’re probably asleep right now. Anyway, my point is, sometimes you have to re-evaluate your whole approach to things. I feel like for so long I’ve been in this holding pattern, planning for the future and making small steps towards it. I’m making progress, but I’m not taking the big chances I should be. There’s always a safety, a fallback. If I’m working a regular job then I don’t have to rely on my acting ability to pay the rent. So I work 50 hours a week, commute ten a week and come home exhausted at the end of the day, no closer to doing what I want to do. Even this blog, what does this accomplish? Complaining about stuff and not doing it. The cycle continues. Anyway, sorry to get everyone down. And by ‘everyone’ I mean the three people who read this. I just feel like things could blow up at any moment but it’s not just going to happen. There has to be a spark. I have to make that spark. This is not a spark though. Oh well.
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