Hi everybody! Thanks to everyone who was in, helped out with and came to see the show I was in, “Animals From the Future“. It seemed like almost everybody enjoyed it and had a good time. The one exception being a mystery woman who came up to my friend Bill and told him she was offended by the subject matter. This kind of thing always makes my day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about ‘shock value’, but it’s nice to know you affected someone on that level, even in a negative way. Plus, I know the show and I know there’s nothing in there that’s that bad. Not even the baby sandwich. But seriously, it was a blast and we plan on doing another show as soon as we can.
Now, I hate to be one of these people who are always “ranting” about things on their blog, cuz honestly, it’s a little too polished and cliche’d most of the time, but I have something I have to get off my chest: JUST BECAUSE I OWN A CELL PHONE DOESN’T MEAN I’M OBLIGATED TO ANSWER IT WHEN YOU CALL ME. To be honest, most of the time if I don’t answer my phone, it’s not a conscious decision. I’m either at work, the ringer is off or I don’t have reception. But you know what? Even if I’ve got six bars and I’m sitting on the couch bored out of my skull, maybe I just don’t feel like talking. That’s my right. Leave a message. I hate talking on the phone. Again, most of the time, it’s nothing personal. I’m just tired or pre-occupied or in the middle of eating or something. But before I go back to non-rant mode, I just have to say this: MAYBE IT’S YOU. Yes, I said it. Maybe you’re annoying and obnoxious. Think about it. Are you? Be honest. Now I’m not writing this so that all my friends can start guessing if I’m talking about them, because if you’re in my phone, you’re my friend and most likely you’re not annoying. So relax. But if you find yourself leaving me an angry message because you think it’s unacceptable that I’m not answering my phone, remember that it’s a phone. Not a leash. If you can’t make that distinction, you’ve got bigger problems than me avoiding your calls. Like the fact that your parents don’t love you.

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