Hi everybody! Sorry I haven’t updated the site in a while. Lots going on. My grandmother passed away and I flew home for the funeral. I guess I’ve been avoiding updating this site because I figured I would have to talk about it… I put up a website in her honor, you can check it out at www.josephinesullivan.com. I’ve been writing and rehearsing for a show I’m putting on with some friends called “Animals From the Future”. It’s really coming along, we have our first show July 10th. It should be really good. I’m also doing a show this friday at 8pm at Improv Olympic called The New & Improv-ed Stand Up Show, you should come check it out, it’s ten bucks which isn’t that bad considering the other people in the show are much funnier and more accomplished than I. I also have a new special lady in my life. her name is danielle and she’s simply amazing. if you want to see some naked pictures I took of her, just email me. Well, that’s about it… hope everyone’s doing well and if I haven’t been in touch lately, don’t take it personally, I’m just a jerk.
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  1. hey so i hear that i can get some nudy pics of your girlfriend if i email you. im too fucking lazy for that and im sure so is everyone else reading this. so, for the sake of the greater good i think you should just put some up on your site. ive seen some of her on blackNbeautiful.com that would compliment your color scheme quite nicely. too bad about your grandmother, nudy pics of her too would have been hot.

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