What’s up jerks? Huh? Jerks? Why the hostility, you ask? It’s just a greeting. A term of affection. Like “I love this bastard!” or “You smell like shit.” Anyway, had some shows last night, went pretty well. My aunt and uncle and cousin came out to watch but weren’t feeling the audience participation segment of the show. Special thanks to AJ Tesler and Jim Coughlin for letting me perform. Thanks also to everybody who came out to support me. I hope you laughed or were amused in some way that made it all worth it for you. Personally, I mean. Well I’m almost done at work and ready to get the hell out of here and have some fun this weekend. And to all you folks coming to see my webpage, please sign my guestbook! I’d love to hear what you think. I also take requests. Within reason. Everybody have a good weekend!


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